Marriage Is More
Than Just A Relationship.

it’s the spark that ignites your infinite life.

Create Something That Lasts Longer Than A Lifetime

Marriage is more than two physical systems committed in space and time.

You are drops from the same Ocean. Embers from the same Fire. Dust from the same Wind.

Timeless, Eternal and Wondrous.

You are boundless energy– the Infinite Universe incarnating in human form.

And when you and your Beloved unite…

Your union can create a synergy so powerful, so potent it can manifest
Entire New Realities.

Your dreams can breathe to life:

Limitless wealth. World-changing empires. A legendary love that lasts. The kind of iconic, everlasting connection that propels you both to unimaginable heights. But, to unleash this Infinite experience, you need expert mentors: Metaphysicians, relationship alchemists and business experts who will love you, teach you, and guide your journey to a sensual, soul-satisfying union that unlocks your genius and launches your greatness


A true unification of the Masculine & Feminine that expresses

the full power of the Divine.

That’s where the magic to become truly Infinite lies.

And it’s yours if you claim it.

Whether you’re married, dating, or still searching for your Beloved, this is the work that transforms your relationships and enhances every part of your life.

I have a new excitement and gratitude for my husband and our marriage. I more clearly can see my husband as the powerful, amazing, gifted and loving man that he is and how privileged I am to be in partnership with him. Things that may have irritated me or confused me in our 15 year relationship, I now see with new eyes, a new curiosity, and new acceptance and even gratitude. Each day I focus on presence and look for the joy available to me no matter what the day may bring. In so many ways this mentorship is only the beginning - the practices I have learned will continue each new day going forward, serving me well and wisely.

- Rebecca Lynne Mashka

Demystify True Marriage And Discover How Divinely Delicious Love Can Be

There are Codes that unlock the power of True Marriage.

Let us show you how with curated experiences that help you create a deeply-connected, sublime union that unlocks your gifts, activates your genius, and unleashes your Infinite power together– even if you’re unattached.

Welcome to the most potent gateway of sacred love in existence.

Marriage Mastery Matters

Do you need real tools and space to create, deepen and structure the partnership you’ve always longer for?

Whether your relationship is rock-solid, brand new or on-the-rocks, The DYAD gives you simple, enjoyable and doable keys to create a fulfilling union that lasts a lifetime.

These are keys no one else talks about— it even works if you’re single!

The Framework - Couple Accelerator

What would you do if your marriage was so deeply fulfilling, it awakened your talents and the very APEX of your genius?

This intimate 1:1 experience gives you the custom blueprint to enjoy the magical union, business growth and abundance you’re meant for in this lifetime.


Exclusive to the most exciting couples in the world, the Power Of Eleven Marriage is our ultra-luxurious experience for radical fulfillment.

Designed to be a quantum leap in marriage, business and spiritual evolution, this paradigm-shifting membership reveals our deepest, most potent pathway to sacred love, abundance and enlightenment.

It is delicious to have a clear vision of how me and my husband operate in unification. It feels so right. Baba Richard & Sri Namaste have painted a clear picture of what this looks, sounds and feels like. It has confirmed to me that I desire to fully operate only from the Feminine sphere, and that I’m fully committed to my Masculine king in sacred marriage unification. It’s inspiring me to move into deeper feminine embodiment, so I can be a blessing for my king, my family and the world. I can feel the expansion.

- Sa’ahRa Greer

Unclear about the Marriage Alchemy
that’s right for you?

We recognize that this is an entire universe of education and transformation.

Our highest service is guiding you into a bespoke experience crafted specifically for you and your marriage goals.

Join us for a call and we’ll create the perfect pathway to activate your most potent and desired expression.