Your Nature Is Limitless.

live the Infinite life you’re here to experience.

There’s An Infinite Life Universe Laying At Your Feet

You’ve felt it. The instinct that there’s more to life beyond the reality you see. A force. An energy. A mystery to unveil.

You know it exists. You’ve seen leaders manifest limitless wealth, build enviable marriages, and create game-changing realities that impacted the world.

they’re living their infinite life.

You know you belong in the same sphere– the playground of the gods.

This is our Great Work. Our highest calling is serving you to

Become The Greatest,
Most Infinite Version Of Yourself

This is more than an awakening. It’s a realization of your boundless, timeless, Infinite nature and the power you wield in your hands.

With our practical, yet paradigm-shifting Teachings, you’ll embark on a voyage of personal transformational, relationship mastery and spiritual fulfillment, igniting a rapid understanding of yourself, your partner and your highest purpose.

We offer you the Infinite Universe, where you’ll:

Uncover the hidden knowledge to generational wealth creation.

Attract The One– or transform your existing marriage into a deeply-connected, sacred union that catapults every part of your life.
Explore deeper layers of consciousness, dive into the nature of reality, and sculpt entire worlds with mind and matter.
Understand the truth of Masculinity & Femininity and the earth-shattering power they can unleash.

this is complete and total freedom.

effortless wealth.

influence and prestige.

relationship mastery.

legendary love.

unfiltered truth.

This is the threshold to awe, wonder, and the passions you seek.

Crossing it is your destiny.

I offer my deepest thanks and gratitude to Mama and Baba for what they have given us. Something I value deeply is that my King feels heard, met, and seen in these teachings. He has shared with me that baba has spoke what has been on his heart. it has opened him, and us, into spaces we have not yet explored. We both feel met and represented in these precious teachings. I am looking forward to experiencing what opens for us as we receive these codes together.

- Angie Meinhardt

Ways To Work
With Richard & Namaste


For Dynasty-Makers, World-Changers and Iconoclasts who use time-- not spend it--we offer exclusive and entirely customized experiences to wield your Infinite powers. Together, we’ll personally mentor you to activate your highest potential, harness your greatest passions, create a magical marriage, and express your true purpose for an extraordinarily abundant, fulfilling life.
work with Richard & Namaste

Group Programs

Step into the rich, deeply-satisfying life you incarnated here to experience. With our group programs, your wisdom, gifts and power are amplified by like-minded visionaries on the same journey to effortless wealth, marriage mastery and spiritual fulfillment.
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Self-Paced Mastery

With the right tools, you can find the answers you seek. From manifesting financial freedom to marital mastery to spiritual enlightenment, our self-paced programs give you the step-by-step path to total-life transformation.
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Unclear about the Alchemy
that’s right for you?

We recognize that this is an entire universe of education and transformation.

Our highest service is guiding you into a bespoke experience crafted specifically for you and your greatest goals.

Join us for a brief chat and we’ll create the perfect pathway to activate your most potent and desired expression.