Are you ready to unlock the raw power of both Masculine and Feminine energies?
Eager to claim effortless wealth, relationship mastery, and boundless prestige?
Whether your personal goals are deeply introspective or tied to career and public persona, we have classes to accelerate your evolution.

Ways To Work

With Richard & Namaste


Join this highly engaged and loving global sisterhood to experience a wealth of feminine principles, practices, activations. Here they are practiced and internalized to facilitate you in the creation of an extraordinarily orgasmic life, juicy partnership, fulfilling business and a life of meaning and purpose. Life changing lessons, ongoing support and deep nurturing of the feminine spirit within you in a nourishing hustle free environment.
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You are READY to take your Practice of Dyadic Consciousness to the next level as a living breathing expression of the Great Work. This next-level course is exclusively for couples ready to commit themselves to becoming the living embodiment of the Dyadic consciousness. Uncover Hope for Marriage that you didn’t know your heart desired.
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Join this class, and learn to support women authentically while growing your own wellness business. When you become part of this movement, you'll be able to increase the effectiveness of what you're already doing AND make more money.
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Through twice-monthly transmissions and an open space for questions, we share with you the Enlivened Codes to the foundation of this Universe.
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Unclear about the Alchemy
that’s right for you?

We recognize that this is an entire universe of education and transformation.

Our highest service is guiding you into a bespoke experience crafted specifically for you and your greatest goals.

Join us for a call and we’ll create the perfect pathway to activate your most potent and desired expression.