Glimpse the Magic of our Work:

Khadijah Westmoreland

If your feminine teacher or dating and marriage mentor is not showing you how to completely eliminate job stress from working nonstop 16+ hours a day to working zero hours by quitting that job, or teaching you how to meet and marry your forever love in just 10 months even years after divorce, you need a new mentor.

Actually, who you need is the Infinite Couple.

That is what happened with Khadijah.

Khadijah was a collector. Not of precious rare objects, noooooo.

She collected coaches, advice, yoni eggs, crystals and all sorts of tools to manage her life. Even starve-herself-diets at the advice of coaches that told her the problem was to just eat more veggies. This was her pattern. 

Now…she didn’t want to change her life….she just wanted to feel better about what she was doing in her life. 

And maybe somewhere in there she could learn some new stress management techniques that would keep her from working until midnight on any given day of the week. Something to take the edge off of carrying 6 or 7 work projects at a time for high profile clients and managing an unmotivated team (which basically means she allowed herself to get in a bind and having to complete most of the work by herself).

Khadijah should have been living the good life by today’s modern woman standards.

She was a 40-something single woman living in Los Angeles with a successful corporate media career. She had celebrity clients like Rolling Stone, all expenses paid party buses to Catalina Island and VIP status at American Music Award after-parties.

She rarely bought groceries because there would be so much take-out from the after-work dinners, catered office parties, not to mention the full bar available to all employees right on site.

Khadijah even had a “situationship” with a guy she’d known for 17 years who always
sent money on request.

The woman had ACCESS. 

But you know what else Khadijah had?

Insane amounts of stress that led to a regular cry-fest in her car over how much pressure she was under to produce a bottom line.

Her work dominated her as a ruthless lover and master. If she left at 7pm, that was early, and if the sun was still up she needed permission from the higher-ups to leave.

And although she self-declared she wasn’t the marrying type after divorce, she clearly had taken a husband. It was called J-O-B.

Khadijah’s way to cope with all this?

Just slam the phone down half a dozen times. 

Yep, after a client call just bang it down in frustration.

When slamming the phone didn’t work, Khadijah added to her collection. 

That’s how she “came across” Sri Namaste Moore. Collected from a friend’s facebook profile.

Khadijah thought, “oh she’d be great to follow!” But what she didn’t know was that Sri Namaste Moore was not a Teacher to be part of a collection. 

She learned very quickly through monthly private mentoring with Sri Namaste, “it just hit me. I HAD to have her speak into my life because every time she said something my jaw hit the floor. I couldn’t explain why. I just knew, I felt it in my soul that what was being said was the truth.”              

The coaches Khadijah typically worked with were the so-called feminine teachers that were all coaching from pain stories. She was no stranger to all the Goddess, Queen, Earth Mother, Anck-Su-Namun, Imhotep type of ladies who had all the “right” advice, but vilified their clients and students with good-bad, right-wrong rhetoric. They all had a pulpit to stand on.

Not so with Sri Namaste or her husband Baba Richard Moore who together are the Infinite Couple. With them, it is always “Love Over Everything.” 

Case in point….Khadijah attended a retreat hosted by Sri Namaste where she met Baba Richard for the first time.

I asked her why that was so memorable.

She said,”I remember watching Sri Namaste when he came in. I don’t know what possessed me to keep my eyes on her. But as he sat down, she got up to get him a glass of water. It was just a glass of water! But she was so focused on that glass as if she was making the most blessed tonic. I had never seen that in my life…a wife preparing anything for her husband with so much love and intention. I remember thinking, have I ever loved like that? Have I ever loved?? She got little tongs and added mint and lime and then PRESENTED it to him. And that’s when I knew. I want that. I want to BE that.”

Only one problem.

Khadijah wasn’t the marrying type.

But in one conversation of blunt force Truth, Khadijah made a decision.

Keeping standard hours up at 1am one morning Khadijah sent a desperate plea out to her work team to help her meet their deadline. In a session with her Mentor, Sri Namaste said ONE thing that shifted everything: “the only person that deserves this level of energy is your Beloved.”

Khadijah knew it. “Ok. I’m doing this. I NEED to be married.”

First she divorced her J-O-B “husband” by quitting. She gave up status, a regular paycheck, luxury comforts and security. Then her situationship with the guy who was sending money disintegrated as he no longer wanted to do whatever it was they were doing. She moved from California
for a fresh start.

She made room with plenty of space so that her True Husband could find her. And in only 10 months under the watchful mentorship of the Infinite Couple, Khadijah is now married and a stepmom with adult children.

But it’s not just that the Infinite Couple mentored her to marriage. It was that they helped Khadijah become a woman a man would WANT to marry.

Not bad for a woman who’s greatest expectation for her life was that maybe she’d turn out to be a Madam in Vegas, or be the crazy neighborhood cat lady with 22 cats who scare
children on Halloween.

Not bad for a woman who expected it to take YEARS as a woman in her 40’s to find love again.

Also not bad for a woman who once needed so many tools, teachers and coaches just to caretake her stress and manage her life, but who now creates it from joy and pleasure. No more answering to “the man”, she gleefully only answers to her Husband.

That’s Infinite Couple magic!  You see, it’s not how big your collection of teachers or practices or experts you learn from. 

It’s not breadth of teachers and tools.

Khadijah could have spent 10 more years building up her storehouse and she would have made a well paved road to Madam Crazy Cat Lady.

She could have spent more time dealing with unhealed spiritual mentors teaching from pain who then spew that pain into their clients and students.

The Infinite Couple difference is 70+ years of wisdom and experience between them and telling the unmodulated Truth when all everyone else is serving up is “life management” tools.

Khadijah came because she didn’t just want to look good, she wanted to be good and have that goodness show up in her life. And she stayed because the Infinite Couple
facilitates real transformation.

They didn’t give her more stuff to do. They gave her Who to Be.

They returned to her her own Feminine Blueprint for life satisfaction and fulfillment and she’s walking it out with the man of her dreams living the life she never imagined!