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Lauren Christopher

This wife and mother of three went from suffering with years of disconnection to her body after pregnancy, depression, paralyzing overwhelm, and a marriage in survival mode, to a Precious Wife and happy Mother who enjoys a JUICY life of Powerful Sacred Sex, and Magic in THREE WEEKS!

Lauren’s INCREDIBLE story of Transformation began when she entered the Infinite Couple Universe after watching a webinar from Sri Namaste.

At that time in her life, she just had her third baby and was experiencing “crippling overwhelm”, depression, emptiness, and feelings of deep disconnection to herself and her husband.

It felt like she and her husband were living two separate lives, barely connecting through rare moments shared at dinner time or a brief getaway.

She felt paralyzed by her inability to “do it all”, as she juggled a demanding corporate career with being a wife, and parenting three young children. Her marriage was in survival mode, and she felt a deep longing to connect with herself and her husband.

She spent years searching to fulfill her longing, working with a life coach, a naturopathic physician, Chinese medicinal herbalist, Acupuncturist, doing EFT, and specialized diets, among other things.

When she attended Sri Namaste’s webinar she felt immediate resonance and understood that the key to her desires was in her connection to herself and her husband. After the webinar, she joined the Sanctum of Feminine Transformation.

Within THREE WEEKS of that decision, she began to experience profound shifts in herself and her marriage!

After stepping into the Sanctum, she describes feeling as if she was “shedding lots of layers” that she thought was her but realized wasn’t her at all.

Lauren grew up in a traditional Christian household, and considers her Christian faith to be an important aspect of her life to this day.

She says Baba Richard and Sri Namaste’s teachings have deepened her connection with God and expanded her understanding of biblical teachings.

Her work in the Sanctum also gave her the courage to talk to her husband about leaving the high paying, but demanding job that was leaving her exhausted and depleted. He came up with a plan to retire her within nine months, which gave her the freedom to focus on herself, their marriage, and their children.

She says Baba Richard and Sri Namaste completely opened her eyes to how she was maintaining the wall that was keeping her from experiencing the connection and intimacy she so longed for, and their teachings dramatically changed how she was relating to him.
Suddenly, her husband who was previously often frustrated and upset with her, and finding excuses to leave the house, was now energized and excited to tackle the day!

“I feel precious”, which she didn’t realize she was searching for until experiencing it.

He became much more loving and affectionate toward her, and their sex life became beautifully rich with nuance, and levels of depth and range to play with! She reports her sex life going from a 6 to a 9 and getting better every day!

She says she can feel her connection with God, herself, and her husband through their sexual intimacy.

Four years after entering the Infinite Couple sphere and joining the Sanctum of Feminine Transformation, she describes what she calls a Magical and Holy life.

“I just experience so much sacredness in every moment and so much richness and depth
 in the simplest things”.

She says just being near her husband, a look across the room, fulfills and nourishes her, and the magic in the “mundane” is so much better than she could have imagined.

Lauren said, “Working with Baba Richard and Sri Namaste will give you a realm of infinite joy in your marriage”. She knows if not for working with them she would have settled for a life of un-fulfillment, and would have missed the opportunity to know the Truth of Holy Marriage.

“And if your heart knows that it desires a Holy Marriage, nothing can stop you, and nothing else
will satisfy. Never.”