Glimpse the Magic of our Work:

Lori Bell

From YEARS of frantic SEARCHING for the KEY… to UNLOCKING Universal Truth and BEING Born Again, feeling like a DAY ONE bride filled with wonder—in just 48 hours, after 19 years of marriage.

Lori was searching desperately—doing ALL the things—and TRYING SO HARD to find that missing piece she furtively sought. She wasn’t happy. Something was missing. She had the husband, the family, the house… they were an esteemed military family, and still… there was something achingly not Whole.

She describes what she knew of marriage came from her parents—There was no depth; no richness or nuance. You’re married—so The End. It’s the end of the line, and you pretty much sail off into the sunset until one of you dies.

She wanted So Much MORE.

When she first encountered Sri Namaste in person, and experienced how she was so FREE and open in her deeply feminine embodiment… Lori knew she wanted to taste THAT. She knew Sri Namaste somehow held a key to her innermost desires, and felt viscerally that the Divine was calling her into something FAR more expansive—through work with the Infinite Couple. She followed that knowing and jumped ALL THE WAY IN.

Mentoring with the Infinite Couple, Lori was shocked to discover she had been holding so much of HERSELF locked away—in one hand, behind her back—just out of reach, for 19 YEARS!!!

Almost two entire decades—and this HUGE part of her BEING was inaccessible.

She couldn’t access it… and neither could her husband. And all this time—NINETEEN YEARS—the fullness of what she most longed for was RIGHT THERE… So close!!

But it REQUIRED her death grip be released—so she could HURL all of what she knew into the flames. Sri Namaste fanned the flames. And Lori threw it ALL in the alchemical fire. All of Her. All of her Marriage. Terrified, and going anyway, she piled it ALL on and watched it burn. She may or may not have belted out Phillipa Soo’s rendition of “Burn” between her tears, because if you know Lori, you know she LOVES that Hamilton soundtrack.

It’s getting hot in here, yes? Ah, and THEN…

Something emerged phoenix-like from the fire… and with a sparkle she saw, it was the GOLD she had gripped in her hand. Yes, the one she had held lead-heavy behind her back for nineteen long years.

It was Pure Gold.

She FINALLY discovered that piece she longed for… The truest expression of her gilded ESSENCE, longing to be released and ignited IN her marriage—quivering to be unlocked, explode + expand into the scintillating glory of Divine Oneness in the path of the Dyad.

It was HER. It was giving ALL of HERSELF… to her Husband. The Dyad is the KEY that REBUILT her marriage into a New WORLD, in a couple of days.


THE DYAD… THAT was the EXPANSION CALLING Lori with such a desperate longing.

And her husband was there WAITING at the threshold, just like He was on their wedding day at the altar… For Her. To finally ARRIVE!!!!!

Their marital intimacy has skyrocketed over these years working with the Infinite Couple—from a 5.5 to a 10+… and climbing. Lori shares that her experiences through this work have truly changed the ways they are with each other in every facet, including sexually.

Lovemaking is very different—It’s dark—unknown and more deep. It’s more of an exploration and feels like a brand-new experience— really, like they are seeing one another FOR REAL, for the very first time.

Together they move gracefully as ONE. Their marriage is so Rich—an infinitely fertile ecosystem unto itself. What will they become? What will they grow together? Where will they go,
and what MORE will they discover?

To the Infinite Universe—and Beyond… Let’s GO.