Glimpse the Magic of our Work:

Rebecca Lynne Mashka

My Role As A Wife Has A New Richness And Purpose With Deep Fulfillment And Peace. These Teachings enhanced every area of my life, including how I see myself, other people, relationships, the Divine, and all experiences past, present and future. Many of my limited beliefs have been exposed, challenged and let go, revealing an expanded vision and vastly increased possibilities. I have a new excitement and gratitude for my husband and our marriage. I more clearly see him as the powerful, amazing, gifted and loving man he is, and how privileged I am to be in partnership with him.

Things that irritated me or confused me in our 15-year relationship I now see with new eyes, a new curiosity, new acceptance and even gratitude. Each day I focus on presence, and look for the joy available to me no matter what the day may bring.

I face challenges in my physical body, emotions, relationships and daily life with new tools, new understanding, and a sense of trust, safety and protection that I didn’t have before. And in so many ways, this just the beginning— the practices I’ve learned will continue each new day going forward, serving me well and wisely.