One of the queries that arises the most is how to know the difference between your shadow and your gift.
Your Ego and your Essence.
It is not merely as simple as an action because any action can be shadow in the hands and mouth of one person at one time and Divine expression in the hands and mouth of another person at another time.
It is not as simple as how it feels…for the fullness of your expression can arise with tenderness or ferocity by turns just as shadow can cause timidity and sharpness.
It is not the resonance of the other for both shadow and Divinity trigger as well as comfort.
It is none of these things.
It is that the deeper you go into the knowledge of your own Code…the more you see and know of you… more you see that things you thought were shadow…were actually gifts in disguise.
It is Bespoke.
In a class I can teach you the method of identification, when working one on one we’ll go into the custom expression that is yours ALONE.
We begin this journey here…
With learning the potency of Connection Through Embodiment.
In a way that allows space for you to be supported when you Desire that…without the need for you to become smaller in the process.
The kind of connection that builds Empires and Dynastys
Leads with Heart
Commands the room
Grabs the mic and HOLDS it.
Which is far more potent than dropping it. 🎤
It’s time for Sentience.
Reach out to InfiniteLife Team to join us.