Attraction Goes Both Ways

This is often left off the table
It is the flip side of the coin when it comes to attraction.
You are not a stationary object and all is attracted to you.
You are also moving which means you are also ATTRACTED.
You are both object and subject.
Let that sink in a moment.
This means that you are not simply attracting things into your life without control. You are also attracted TO certain things.
And certain people.
This is the biggest thing that adversely impacts Men and Women while dating. Their level of attraction TO.
I didn’t just attract Baba Richard Moore.
I was also attracted TO Him.
Meaning I was drawn to move closer towards Him not just Him towards me. I had the sensitivity, self trust, and openness to KNOW I was in the presence of greatness- not just focus on what I wanted.
There’s a difference.
And this difference is something UNSPOKEN in the dating and relationship niche.
I’ve seen Women repeatedly attracted to Thugs, Knights and excuse makers. Yet even if they ask “why are they attracted to me?” they never ask “why am I attracted to THEM?”
I’ve watched women dating and they are NEVER “attracted to” the men who have actual husband capacity. They are always most attracted to the man who is unavailable, uninterested, or unable.
Yet in her mind she doesn’t understand why she’s not attracting what she wants. She complains about how men are today- not realizing it’s her.
I’ve seen the same with men. Always attracted to the unfaithful woman, the woman who is beautiful but lacks character. The woman who can’t help him build. But the woman who would be in his corner, stable, Feminine- he’s not attracted to her.
Here’s the truth beloveds- there are 7 BILLION people on this planet. Yet you only need 1.
There are trillions of experiences you can have-
If you aren’t having the one you desire- it’s up to you to shift that. Step one is the acknowledgement that if you’ve never experienced something before it’s very difficult to know what it looks like to be attracted towards it. Meaning your point of attraction TO may be in the opposite direction of what you truly DESIRE.
This gold nugget is the piece that often unlocks the door to the marriage of your dreams.
So surround yourself with those who HAVE IT.
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