Do You Know your Worth?

Recently during my meditation, this dropped in
It takes a certain amount of hubris to live a life that excels. It takes a certain amount of self-importance to create something larger than average.
To live more than is common.
To ignore the ceiling and decree the stars.
The dream is possible for everyone.
Everyone began as a child believing the impossible.
Yet there are certain traits that the over-the-top successful who are able to truly HOLD their success have.
It’s not a trait based on morality or being a good person. In fact, many who are striving to be “good ” people lack this trait to their own detriment.
It is an innate belief in their own Worthiness.
Only those who feel they are worthy can see it is worth it.
To invest in themselves
To do whatever it takes
To be uncomfortable
To take the journey
To tear it all down
To create something brand new
To devote themselves to Mastery
To ask the hard question
Without feeling worthy you avoid the very things that position you for Greatness… and call it wisdom.
In Feminae you return to your Worthiness
In D6 you create from it.
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