Edges are where the magic happens
The edges are where you find the most activity
The most Diversity
The most Opportunity
The most LIFE
Women tend to avoid the edges due to the need in the Survival Paradigm for safety.
The need feel safe and to determine if something is good for her by how safe she feels.
And edges aren’t safe.
Where the forest meets the plain is where exposure happens
Where the ocean meets the land is where you can be swept under
Where the mountain meets the sky is where there is the least air
This is where you feel the least safe.
And it is also where the GREATEST evolution comes.
A Sacred Text speaks about receiving BEYOND all you can ask or think.
I used to wonder what that looks like.
What is that Beyond.
Where is the edge of what I can ask or think.
At one time I could not imagine making even six figures a year as a Coach, Teacher and Facilitator.
Then I made six figures a MONTH.
And then went BEYOND that…
Our imagination has an edge as well… what we imagine we can have, can be, can do, can hold.
Where we imagine we can go.
Yet beyond that is potential. Pure and breathtaking. What’s in the potentiality field for me, for you, for all of us?
What I have found is that in order to have what you never have before
You must go where I’ve never gone
You must be a you, you’ve never been
Which means breaking the belief of who you are so that you can MEET the real you.
At the edge of who you think you are.
It is in this edge… by playing with it, stretching it, riding it through the discomfort into the unknown that you find who/what you truly are when you release the limitations you have built to be…safe.
In this you find the truth of your Infinite Multi Dimensional nature…
True Wealth- which is Shalom- Wellness Completeness Harmony and Prosperity in all areas then does not come from hiding in stillness but from inhabiting the FULLNESS of all you ARE…right up to your edges—
And then – expand them.
-Sri Namaste Moore