Have You Seen A Mermaid Before?

All of this righteous indignation. All of this social justice narrative and societal engineering.

Newsflash- Black and Brown Washing is a thing. And it will be a thing that can control you until you unhook your sense of self from the need to be an oppressed minority.

It’s interesting that a movie about a creature (mermaids don’t have a race actually…they are MERMAIDS that IS their species) that lives under the sea and is willing to give up something precious because of LOVE would inspire so much division.

And perhaps it’s time for a hard truth that has yet to be spoken.

No amount of seeing people who look like you will make you love yourself, appreciate yourself nor increase your self worth.

The job of Hollywood is to ENTERTAIN not to give your children self esteem- that’s your job Mom and Dad.

The reality is that if children are crying with joy because they see a brown little mermaid we should all hit our chests and weep… because it indicates a failure on OUR part…

We can not see our children anxious, hurting, insecure and uncertain and blame anyone in this world for that- for THIS is your primary responsibility as a parent.

If they are seeing their melanin as a liability it is because of a message they received. Find where it came from and get rid of it including Well meaning “woke” teachers who project limitations.

Children are seeking these things in school, entertainment, Media etc; because we’ve turned our babies over to the state while we pursue “fulfillment” in our careers and because the message they are receiving from adults of ALL shades is that brown/black is an obstacle.

It’s not.
But that message has to come from YOU first which means it has to be IN you first.

It’s time to wake up.
The Little Mermaid doesn’t matter much but our children DO.