I Am Thankful To Be A Woman

This morning I awoke so thankful to be a Woman. In my entire life, I have never felt sadness or despondency because I am a woman.

I am the most protected creature on earth. In history, hundreds of thousands of men have died to protect me in wars. Kingdoms have risen and fallen based on the love of me. I am the muse that has inspired poets, epic novels, and ballads. I am the Divine conduit of Beauty.

My curves are the intoxication of men who throughout time have learned new trades, invented fascinating contraptions and gone through great lengths just to see me smile.

I am She for Whom men learned to hunt, the oasis and solace for masculine hearts, the gestation, incubation, and Portal for all of humanity.

I would never deign to “strike”, for my work is conceived in the belly of the goddess, birthed in love and brought up in the knowledge of my Authority and Responsibility. It is Sacred and Irreplaceable. Mine is not to threaten, nor demand, nor coerce… But to inspire, invite and awaken. I know who I AM.

I stand in great respect and awe of my Sisters in other cultures and countries. I appreciate their way of life, their deeply held beliefs, their unique feminine expression. I support their religious distinctions, family structures, morality, and understanding. I presume nothing… I Only love.

Today I will #beboldforchange
I am boldly softly Feminine.
I boldly love and adore my Husband and King.
I boldly speak the truth of the power and pleasure of Femininity and Feminine Embodiment.
I boldly invite others to honor the Potency of Masculine Feminine polarity in dynamic expression between people.
I boldly nourish, nurture, inspire and delight the Soul of Nations.
I boldly Choose LOVE over All.

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In love,


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