I have spoken to Women from all over the globe
Of all ages, faiths, cultures…

And regardless of her culture and experience
Women who potently inhabit their Womanhood are HAPPIER.

Women who do not dwell in the need to fight against anything bring an INNER deeply abiding embodiment and radiance with them.

Their Power is UNMATCHED
It contains an ISness
That surpasses the faux power that occurs when women are TRYING to be powerful.
Grasping for power
Looking in the faces of other women to validate their power.
Hoping that another woman will give them power by virtue of being around her.
Holding men in Distrust and judgement.

There is something different.
A woman that doesn’t need to PUSH against her Womanhood or fight against men.

It’s very fascinating.
There is a

In her.

And a joyful pleasure just under the surface that feels as if it can bubble up at any moment.

In her being the WORLD rejoices and is changed

Become HER
she is the true you
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