The question I receive the most: how to do it all without the hustle and burn out. From an ecstatic and joyful place but also with momentum and intensity.
How do I structure my business for this?
How do I build for sustainability?
The answer?
That’s what the Leading Ladies Collective is.
Diving DEEP
Weaving Together:
Your Love of a Lifetime FOR a Lifetime- Married Women need a SPECIFIC type of support that makes their marriage the CENTER of their success. No more juggling, no more feeling inadequate in a room full of single women whose lives are all about themselves, no more feeling like you need to diminish the importance of your spouse.
Your need for REST- Rest is not a reward you earn, it is restorative Surrender. No more hustle. No more striving. Not more trying to convince yourself that constantly producing isn’t exhausting.
Your passionate Creativity- it is your NATURE to create, to build, and innovate to transform- yourself and all around you. No more obsolete systems. No more doing it the way everyone else does it.
Your Wealth Creation- Don’t believe the Narrative- women have always built Wealth and THRIVED. Learning to build Generational Wealth means you don’t separate your Wealth NOR do you need to abdicate your ability to build Wealth because you’re married.
THIS is a space where:
Your Marriage is honored- Marriage is NOT just another relationship or partnership- it is different and those distinctions are areas of POWER, not LIABILITY
Your Leadership is INNATE- You don’t need to diminish yourself to learn. You don’t need to compete to be seen. Finally you can be seen as the leader you are EVEN when your hair is down and you don’t feel as put Together as you normally look.
Your Business/Enterprise and Wealth Generation is amplified- Support for your NEXT level. Tear it all down. Build it back up again. Switch it up, Simplify, create something that serves you AND the world.
We begin in November.
Reach out to apply InfiniteLife Team