Men Who Want Strong Women Part II

More on men desiring strong women…

This is not about judging men my loves. They have many reasons for being as they are and this is not about them.

It’s about you.

It’s about understanding (especially if you are not partnered) the beliefs that can undermine your ability to LIVE in your Femininity while in partnership.

A beautiful goddess asked in the comments if he should want a weak woman
My response is : “Strength is only developed through the experience of resistance my love, it requires being broken down and building back up. No Masculine man desires to have his feminine woman experience harsh things. Far more delightful to have a man desire to treat his wife as precious and tender.”

When a man desires a strong woman, when her strength is what he seeks- it tends to cause women to take on more than is prudent, her femininity ends up slaughtered in her attempts to be strong. It causes her to focus on taking up challenges, and the path of challenge and struggle is of no benefit to her.

A feminine womans path is one of joy, of peace, of beauty and love. If she believes this, she would do well to seek out a Man that desires greatly to give that to her… Not one who sees her strength as the greatest virtue.