What I am the BEST in the world at is Mentoring women and men how to operate in their MULTIDIMENSIONAL nature
A dimension is a sphere of magnitude.
A space that is within a set diameter.
Every sphere of influence in which you occupy is a Dimension
Being Multi Dimensional is the capacity to fully inhabit those spheres.
Being Sovereign is to be the Domina/Dominus within the sphere.
When I mentor someone to do this they cook on more burners without burn OUT.
They may have a BUNCH of things they are doing but observing them externally they look still.
They may be still but seem externally to do many things.
They are a LIVING BREATHING paradox of Polarity.
Recently I’ve done the following within 36 hours:
• Conversations with our realtor
• Packing for moving.
• Dogs boarded
• 2hr Spontaneous family business meeting
• Conversations with our team
• Voxer with a client
• Conversations with Mastermind
• Listened to 6 hours of Business classes
• Recorded 3 hours of teaching with Baba for future Lessons
• Posted multiple teachings in our group THE IMMORTALS : Leaders, Legends, and Legacy
• Shopping for additional furniture
• Laundry
And 2 naps.
Because naps are needful and I love them.
I am not overwhelmed
Or tired.
Because my body is simply flowing where my attention is and I don’t measure it until AFTER…never during.
That’s a huge part of my genius.
If you have a BIG life and you want to know how to operate in the truly multidimensional reach out to InfiniteLife Team to find out about joining my Mastermind. New space opens in May.