Return To The Art of Play

This has been such a RICH weekend. One of the best moments was when the Fabulous Goddess I mentor said: “EVERY MOMENT has been rich, meaningful and transformative”.

Here’s why this is so powerful. I don’t work like coaches (which is why I stopped attempting to label what I do coaching years ago). Not one-on-one and not in SOFT. There’s no to-do list. No schedule, no list of mandatory things. We soaked in hot tubs naked, we were massaged and scrubbed, we ate FABULOUS food and tried all sorts of drinks. We ENJOYED each other and in the process… in the BEING… HUGE gems were transmitted from Source. Shifts occurred. 

Pleasure is the EASIEST and DEEPEST way to receive because it offers no resistance to the transmission.
Believe it or not, this has to be taught and PRACTICED over and over again. Our belief in our pain, our need to “process” and “work through”… our stories and merit badges of survival, rejection, and abandonment… all of that is so ingrained that over and over we tend to return to it. Like a dog to its vomit we can not digest it so we bring it back up, and yet we go back to it to try again. This is why SOFT is not available on a month-to-month basis. Transformation takes time – and if a year sounds like “too long” to change your LIFE then, you aren’t yet ready, my love.

Months ago I received a very SPECIFIC assignment from the Divine Feminine – to return to women the Art of Play. Not as something occasional and special – but as a paradox- Imperative and Transformative and for its OWN sake. Since then every aspect of Goddess energy has been showing up and shown me how she plays. It’s fascinating and beautiful and FUN. The amazing energy through which that is which is birthed and accomplished comes through. It is through Play that our radiance shows up, that many of our “issues” and limitations are relieved, and that we learn to source from pleasure. It is through play that WE are transformed and so we transform our world.

In love,


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