Stress As A Femininity Antagonist

I talk a lot about women being adrenalized and about Stress being a Femininity antagonist.

Stress and adrenaline addiction is a thing, darlings. Here are the signs that you’re addicted…

1. You’re defensive about it. If when the idea of stress comes up or getting rid of stress and getting out of adrenaline you feel the need to justify why your particular brand of stress is indeed “okay” or “not that bad” or “unavoidable”

2. You think you’re fooling people into believing you’re not stressed. You fudge (lie) about spending time in meditation, resting, or doing other activities when in reality you’re doing the same stress filled actions all the time.

3. You blame your stress on external things/people, yet even when they are out of the picture or the situation changes you still find ways to be stressed out.

4. You find yourself wondering why you can’t get rid of your stress, or if you have too much stress? You seek out stress relievers but you don’t use them or only use them occasionally.

5. You spend a great deal of your time in fight, flight, or freeze. Your default response to people or conversation is to avoid them, to say nothing or to argue.

6. You feel guilty about the amount of stress you carry or about your responses to others pretty frequently. You constantly promise yourself to “do better”, “relax more”.

7. The idea of doing nothing sounds good, but when the time comes you find things to do or feel bad about not doing anything.

8. You judge others who seem relaxed and vulnerable. Or you think that’s awesome for them, but YOU could never do that.

9. You see yourself as a nice, gentle person if only these things weren’t happening to make you act like this, unfortunately, you “act like this” all the time.

10. You see people talking about Stress as not being good for you as a form of shaming or entitlement.

11. You have been told by a medical provider to lower your stress but have not done so. You are on medication due to a stress-related illness but still have not lowered it.

12. You have developed habits that do not benefit you in an attempt to deal with your stress or adrenalized state- drinking, smoking, etc.

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