The Problem with Ambition

Every year I watch as beautiful, loving, tender Feminine souls – true luminaries and delights begin offering their gifts to the world.
And every year I watch as one of two things occur –

They dry out, become bitter, push harder, become more manic in their energy and more demanding with their offers, take more and more classes, hustle harder create bigger and bigger goals.


They drain themselves… and burnout. Like a sun or a candle flame. The business that held so much promise disappears – sometimes through seemingly unconnected reasons – illness, divorce, family issues.

For years I’ve observed it and now I’m ready to speak on the cause of it:

My loves we’ve been taught that Ambition is this amazing thing, this beautiful thing that we owe the world, our parents, our God.

We’ve been taught that for all we’ve been given we ought to at least give back by making bigger and bigger businesses, getting higher education, more certificates, taking more trainings, writing more books, reaching more people, producing producing PRODUCING.

Ambition – which was once a pejorative has become something to aspire to. In fact, the first time I told someone that ambition was the issue in her life she said, “Well what else is there?”


Ambition literally means “to go around” for most of its usage it’s indicated arrogance and pride… seeking votes even.

And this is the problem. We feel like if we’re not being ambitious, if we’re not trying to get more, to rally more, to be more, if we’re not seeking to curry validation and favor, to look successful, or powerful, or wild or bad a**, then…

We’re lazy
A slacker
A do nothing chick

In other words…
We’re nothing.

As a Feminine Woman – it’s time we understood the nature of our essence and the power in our practice is…

Not ambition.

In today’s world of consumerism and striving, of stress addition and internal exhaustion contentment has become the rarest of Jewels – it is indeed the Infinity Stone of Femininity.
What makes contentment so challenging is that it doesn’t reside OUT THERE – it’s IN HERE.

Contentment is NOT the same as settling. It is an internal satisfaction. What if you built your life, your purpose, your relationship on that? On the deep-seated feeling of Enough. Grace. Surrender…

Is that possible? Yes, my love. Our successful businesses are built on that. Our fulfilling marriage is grounded in it. And hundreds of women are learning this secret…

So how do you find it? That’s what SOFT is all about. Every class is infused with it, ever practice leads to it, every group points in that direction.

How you can be content in EVERY area of your life… and now you can begin for only $7 for 7 days…

Here’s the thing – 7 days is not enough time to complete even ONE class. And the private groups are not accessible during the trial (to protect the sacredness of that circle) – what you CAN do in 7 days is explore the platform, watch a video or two to see if my teaching style and transmission feels resonant for you (even if it challenges you sometimes), and follow your Inner Wisdom. –

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