The Seed of Being Held As Precious

Yesterday I posted:
“Being loved and held as precious by her family is the seed within a woman that grows naturally to love of herself, creating space within her to attract, receive, and respond to Masculine love. Each one feeding and seeding what comes next, never intending to replace it.”

And I was asked: “What if she did not receive the seed from her family?”

Here is the Transmission:
When the seed isn’t planted it’s the greatest causative factor as to why women will feel like if they love themselves ENOUGH, they will have no need to attract a man or will be unable to accept and receive love from a man or will not know how to respond to Masculine love.

Sadly the call of mothers doing everything and fathers being emasculated only leads to a nation of women who long for love and yet consider that longing weakness and so hold themselves in contempt and loathing while claiming Self Love. The greatest Sin (act against highest self) perpetrated in society EVER is the consistent and pervasive devaluation of Femininity and Masculinity- each is needful and necessary for the actualization of the other.

So what to do?

If a woman has not received the seed of being held as precious from her parents, it is her primary need to find it elsewhere. It is her air, her water, she can not find fulfillment no matter where she searches without it.

Let me be as clear as possible in this…THIS must be her greatest goal and her most valued Devotion. She can not go straight into Self Love without first knowing that she is worthy of it, for what is there to love? And merely saying “love yourself” is not enough. She must open herself to a Divine encounter with both the Divine Father and Mother distinct and equal. It is in that encounter that she Re-Members herself.


Self Love is the result…
The fruit that springs from this root.

Too often women seek to do this work alone. Separate from other people and from the Divine. Neither is possible or even desired as the attempt at further separation is yet a further symptom of the trauma and wound.

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