Think you need to be a Boss Chick?

I used to watch other women in business… and I’d envy them… I thought I wanted to be a Fierce Bad A**… You know…a Boss Chick…

Correction… Not that I wanted to be, but that I HAD to be.
I thought that’s what it took to succeed, to be valued. So I studied them, spent thousands on courses, software, services and the like. I figured out the strategies and I used them… And hated it!

I simply didn’t believe in treating people like numbers. In disconnecting from my source to make a buck. Or (most importantly) that I could teach women how to be Feminine using masculine tools… There had to be a better way!

I realized that I’m all honey and cream. I love being in nature, I have no desire to work in an office no matter how large my business grows… I love being with my Beloved Husband (that’s him in the picture) And with our gaggle of children, I enjoy free time. And… For me… Family and pleasure really do come first.

Perhaps you’re like me or many of my students:
*You feel called to offer your gifts to the world and desire to be compensated for that.
*You like money, but you crave freedom.
* you need creative space and connection in order to live.
* You’ve bought many systems that were good, but left you feeling empty eventually.
* You swing back and forth between burnout and exhilaration.

You see, my love, MOST systems, ideas and teachings for women in business, even teachings that promote feminine services… Promote business that is done in a Masculine Way.

And it’s not their fault. Until a woman knows and understands the deep and ancient principles that guide being a Feminine woman, she is unable to develop and source get life in her Femininity no matter how much she desires to.
It’s all hit and miss.

SOFT (the School of Feminine Transformation) has a Feminine Biz School that teaches you how to create and run a business from your feminine. No more stale strategies and marketing madness…. Get clear, get connected to your Feminine… And get SOFT