You are worthy of every good you desire in life. Yet you can not see what stands in the way, throws you off course, dims your Brilliance, mutes your Boldness.
Right now you’re growing SO FAST you wonder:
Is that my genius or my ego?
Is this really for me or am I on someone else’s ride?
Yes I have all the things…or are the things having me?
And most importantly –
That’s the value of me as your Mentor.
My frequency is of The Blind Seer.
I don’t “see” anything that is part of the social narrative of who you are. I know that this narrative simply presses into you who you SHOULD be without allowing for who you ARE. How much of your behavior is based on the projections of others masquerading as empathy?. While you may call yourself whatever identity you are, what I perceive is ONLY the TRUTH of you.
Not your age
Not your race
Not your nationality
Not your religion
Not your past
While Knowing all of those things, they become Worth Less …eclipsed by the radiance of your true Worthiness.
The Seer with A thousand eyes…
BINOCULARS: The capacity to see FURTHER than you can see
TELESCOPE : The capacity to see BEYOND what you can perceive
MICROSCOPE : The ability to see DEEPER into the pattern and the matter.
6 Month Luxury 1 on 1 Mentorship:
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