Here is an opportunity to Awaken to the Truth that only YOU decide if an experience Harmed you or not.
Usually this is spoken of from the space of permission to acknowledge the harm, I want to draw attention to the opposite.
You also get to decide it DIDN’T harm you.
Honestly this is one of the most empowering gifts I can offer you.
To return your Sovereign right to define your experiences for yourself.
No its not bypassing
No its not denial
In fact it may be the most honest thing you do.
Sometimes it just didn’t effect you as much as everyone said it should have.
Sometimes there is no deep surpressed anything
You’re just resilient like that.
You just healed…without working on healing.
Sometimes you realized it was an initiation
A portal, a gateway, a choice
Sometimes it was just an experience that hurt
But didn’t harm.
Sometimes you just have regret that’s causing the pain not trauma from the experience.
Sometimes it was something that just was…and it’s no more.
You decide.
If you perceive yourself as harmed and wounded then yes heal.
But if…in your heart and being you KNOW you really weren’t…but you keep trying to find a wound or trauma because you were TOLD that experience is “traumatizing” you may in fact be causing harm to yourself.
And if you’re identifying with trauma because it’s a way of bonding and creating connection…at some point you’ll need to navigate through that as well.
When you’re constantly digging about inserting the projecting of harm into yourself and calling that self work, healing and emotional work… actually you’re hurting you…it’s not serving .
No I’m not a mental health professional
No professional out ranks YOU as the authority over your own experience.
Don’t listen to me
Don’t listen to them
Don’t give your power away.
Listen to YOU.
Your life
Your experience
Your interpretation
Your self concept
You are Sovereign.
Walk in it.
For those who have navigated this and those who are walking themselves home I raise a glass 🥂