Be Brave, Mama

I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan against celebrating the gender of one’s baby.
The person who wrote it seemed to have a big chip on her shoulder against baby showers in general and even gestational markers as being things that convey to a woman that her value is in her ability to grow a tiny human.

She suggests that women have other things to be concerned about and this is what’s adding to the stress.

I’d like to offer a completely different take…

The stressors placed on women especially when it comes to mothering are a bizarre combination that suggests that:

* any joy she takes or finds for herself in the process is wrong
* so-called “experts” know the right way and she does not
* She has the responsibility to NOT feel value in mothering and not to focus on that as a source of value, but as a job she must do
* She should be more concerned with society and how her views and behaviors inform on that than with her FAMILY.

In other words, mama’s are currently receiving the message that they have a responsibility to birth and raise not healthy, whole and happy individuals based on their own values… But that they must each create a healthy Society based on the fears, judgements, and insecurities of anyone who has a keyboard.

And this is the first generation of mothers to have to parent under this horrific weight.

So let me free you, darling, as a mother and bonus mom of 8 mostly grown children and a spiritual mother to many…

You can do this.
Have your baby shower
Celebrate your child being boy or girl
Do pink and blue if it suits you
Or orange and green if it doesn’t.
It is possible to raise children within the gender binary, within religion or spiritual tradition, within the scope of YOUR particular moral compass, world view and values and they end up confident, kind, and compassionate.

Your house hold does not need to be a microcosm of the world’s ills… Where you use your children to heal your own wounds or prove your own fears, where the young have the weight of the misdeeds of adults placed upon them. Where the only expression of freedom is to be feral.

Your children are a hologram of Divinity, not a reflection of societies regrets.

Be brave mama.
Vaccinate or not without fear.
Send them to church or mosque or coven and be passionate about your beliefs.
Feed them fruit or meat or Doritos according to your values.
Let them see the nature of your romantic partnership lavishly.
Discipline with dignity, offer acceptance without apology.
Speak your opinion with civility and use your words thoughtfully.
Be kind to all.

More than anything you are MODELING and in that you teach… More than any ideology or philosophy.
Leave the theory to the academics… and the commentary to the journalists…

You my love, You have a greater work to do… you get busy living so that your children see what it is to have a life.

Learn more, get SOFT –

In Love,

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