He’s A Man, Not Your Girlfriend Part II

Relationship Lessons: He’s a Man, not your best Girl friend part 2

Many ladies have asked me “How does making him my best girlfriend look”…

Here’s the thing my love… It looks different for everyone.

I know this sounds crazy but if you’re in a permanent partnership and you find yourself often offended by how he’s choosing to spend his time, by his interests etc; that’s a good sign that you’re trying to make Him into your Girlfriend.

It is not to say that your Beloved and You can not share similar interests, you can… But if you mandate his interests and call his having other interests immature, unconscious, unsupportive, etc; that’s a HUGE sign that you’re trying to make Him your best Girl friend.

Some examples (remember these examples are only an issue if it’s an expectation YOU have ladies, it’s not an issue if it’s his idea )

* Wanting him to go makeup shopping with you
* Expecting him to help you with your adornment
* Requiring him to change his eating habits
* Nagging him about his spiritual practices
* Telling him not to play video games
* Wanting to talk for long periods of time about something that’s not a problem to solve
* Expecting him to show “emotional support” during your moon, your pregnancy, or your frustration about your weight gain
* Expecting him to see all the patterns and connections you see in a conversation
* Expecting emotional displays at times that make sense to you
* Wanting him to support and be excited about your hobbies and interests but you’re not enthusiastic about his.

These are just some examples, my love.

Hears the thing loves. You have probably been conditioned into only understanding or perceiving love in ways that the Feminine shows love… That is talking, lavish emotional expression, and togetherness in a very narrow bandwidth…

The reality? Only perceiving love in these ways means you never understand or feel loved quite enough by a masculine man because he’s not going to display love that way very often.

In part three we’ll talk about why these expectations erode your relationship and how masculine men actually DO show love.

You can read part one here.

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