Husbands or Husbands to Be-
Allow me to speak to you on behalf of your wife. That which she is shy and hesitant to say and which she may not have words to speak.
It is VITAL for a happy marriage that you not only develop a deep and wide knowledge concerning sexual intimacy but that you are also a space where your wife can bring her desires, longing, curiosity and desires to explore… sexually.
It is very common for many Men who have a more conservative sensibility and believe in Polarity to also have a very STRONG but unknown Code of distortion
The Madonna/Whore Code.
This little shadow virus causes Men to see women as either the Madonna or the Whore.
Madonnas are virtuous, chaste, pure and divine.
Whores are promiscuous, slovenly, sensual and devilish.
Wives must be the Madonna.
Women who have sexual desire, curiosities, appetites and needs are Whores.
Note: to be clear these are archetypal energies And very few men actually consciously believe EITHER of these things and yet the effects of this program are all too common.
Which means many Husbands don’t see it as their job to cultivate their wives sexually.
To become her guide and teacher
To ask her about her desires and fantasies
To know precisely how to elicit any response from her body because you’ve observed HER not because you’ve been with many women.
To LEARN – which requires active seeking, and curiosity. Sexual education is a LIFELONG endeavor.
Some things you may not know about her:
• Her Erogenous zones change and shift weekly.
• Most women desire to have sex multiple times a week
• The amount is lubrication she produces is not a good indicator of readiness for sex in MOST women
• She needs 30-45 minutes of Foreplay to reach her peak of arousal
• She’s curious about sex and would love for you to ask her questions about what she likes and what she’s curious about (Hint- there is a way to ask these questions that KEEPS you in the drivers seat)
• If you ask her if you’re pleasing her she will likely say yes even if it’s “no” – because she loves you.
• For most women she’s capable of being far more Orgasmic that she is (usually 2-3 more than she says she can have)
• She can Ejaculate
• Her yoni will not become stretched out by using yoni eggs, spheres etc;
• Vibrators aren’t a replacement for you.
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