Six Figure Cash Months = Success??

“Oh yes darling I made it look at how much cash I made in business this month , look at all my things..I’m successful now!!”
Yes, as Entrepreneurs we make the Highly coveted Multiple 6 Figure Cash Months™️
That’s a RESULT of the Success not the DEFINER of it.
The success is really:
-Absolute Autonomy and Sovereignity
-Freedom to build and dismantle at will
-Complete Intimacy and Absolute Acceptance in our Dyad
-Living in Dyadic Consciousness
-Playing the Games we love Playing
– Facilitating and Teaching others into their BLISS and Evolution
– Allowing ALL of the complex creativity and paradoxical profundity of our BEING – Light AND Dark to Shine.
-Life that LIVES our Values alone
And the Money is a RESULT.
Don’t miss the Forest for the Trees beloveds…even if the Trees are made of money
What does success look like for you? What does the amount your business makes MEAN to you?