Channeled message from Intelligent Infinity 04-28-2021 7am cst

Intelligent Infinity is always giving you today what you will need for the Vision TOMORROW. When you focus and take action on only what you know, see and understand you IGNORE those offerings because you don’t know, see or understand WHY you SHOULD accept what is offered.

You are within time and Intelligent Infinity is BEYOND Time. You simply can’t see it from where you are.

Example- You are offered a course, teaching etc; on marriage while your marriage is good. But you say no because you don’t understand why you should take that. Your marriage gets in trouble 6 months- had you heard ONE SENTENCE from that teaching you would have stopped the catalyst that created the chaos later. But you said “no thank you” to the offering. Now instead of receiving teachings to grow and expand your marriage- and therefore your wealth, purpose and vision – you require teachings to REPAIR it, or heal from the END of it.

Take a moment: If you look over your life right now, and see every place where you had a less than desirable outcome – before that outcome Intelligent Infinity offered you the needful Training, Teaching, Resource to prevent it. You can reflect and ask and you will see it and in many cases you’ll be reminded right now of the opportunity you had BEFORE that.

And every time you said No. You chose to stay where you are or go in a direction that made sense based on what you knew at the time.

I have been sent to say this to you this morning:


Your lack of imagination is not a flaw because it makes you “bad”. It doesn’t. It becomes a liability because it prevents you from PERCEIVING the NEED and USE you have for what is offered to you.

At this time you must act on that which has come from the Future to support you in the present so that the Vision and Actuality that you ARE can come to past.

This is your great lesson today.

This is your place of faith today

This is what is required of you today.

PS- if you want to understand this more deeply- join the Feminine Extraordinary Women  – The FEEL Hive group and read the post about this by Lori Bee  it is SO POWERFUL!!!  then ask yourself where is YOUR opportunity?