No matter how often it is taught differently it is NOT good for Man (kind) to be alone.

You aren’t meant to have everything inside of you.

Even Elohim is plural.

Nor can  a Village, Tribe or Community take the place of the type of connection that expresses Divine Unification

This world has tried EVERYTHING to deny and destroy this Truth. To make this Truth a lie.

From societal morass that Normalize conflict between men and women and place the weight on women to be everything do everything and not need a man.

To Social Justice movements that create opposition between men and women and seek to erase any distinction between us.

To Legislation that attacks gender, makes men and Masculinity the Villian and fathers irrelevant.

To Spiritual and Religious communities that seek to exploit one sex at the expense of the other while calling this Divine.

There is NOTHING on this planet that has been more Demonized and Warred against than the relationship between men and women.

This battle of the Sexes is so pervasive and communicated in so many subtle ways to keep Men and Women apart.

To create deeper and deeper distrust.

No one cares if a man and a woman have a wedding as long as they never really get Married.

And if they never really marry Divorce is an INEVITABILITY -Which just fosters more war between the Sexes and installs the distrust in the next generation.

Which keeps Everyone more connected to the earth this human form is created from than the Divinity you ARE here to be.

Which can not be Actualized without your Complement.

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