It is an unfortunate aspect of modern culture that people are not taught how IMPORTANT marriage is and how to choose WELL.
Because of this Men and Women rarely understand the responsibility of marriage, which begins with your responsibility to choose based on correct things.
Without assuming responsibility both men and women play the “it’s not me” and “it’s not my fault” Game when relationships sour.
Rinse and repeat- never understanding why they repeat the cycle-
About 30 years ago I decided I wanted to grow some veggies in a small garden on my patio. I went to the store and bought some small plants- tomatoes and peppers. I chose the plants based on what I saw was going on with the leaves, tiny fruit and flowers.
I didn’t know that was the INCORRECT way to choose.
What I needed to look at were the roots- both the literal roots and the tags that said where the plant originated.
I didn’t know this and I chose plants that looked lush with tiny fruit whose flowers fell off in days and who were potentially malnourished, root bound and not at all used to the weather in our area.
Now- I could say the store tricked me. They put those horrid plants there KNOWING they were weak and sickly and just basically STOLE my money.
In fact many people would say this.
But the reality is that it is MY responsibility to do my due diligence and make decisions for myself. My ignorance was on me. In fact BECAUSE of my ignorance I was actually drawn to the WORSE plants for what I was wanting instead of the best.
When I went back to the store I saw the correct veggie plants were RIGHT THERE and abundant but without the right knowledge and the willingness to reject what I thought would LOOK GOOD- I would NEVER have selected them.
I would have eventually just blamed the store.
And this is key
It is the Child shadow that seeks to avoid responsibility and the victim that seeks another to blame.
As long as this psychological and energetic program governs you- regardless of WHO is available- you will not take full responsibility for choosing well nor will you have the certainty of who you chose because you keep seeing yourself as the victim.
And neither children nor victims have any responsibility for their experiences.
When you EJECT those programs and take 100% responsibility for:
1. Who and what I am attracted to
2. Who and what I chose
3. Who and what I connect with
4. Who and what I chose to Unify with
It is all flipped on its ear.
“I am Sovereign and ALL I experience is mine to decide upon, to engage with- I take 100% responsibility. “
“I am Warrior and all the Sovereign decrees is MINE to STAND for, to remove obstacles to, I am DEVOTED”
The child victim sheds Power like a virus in Exchange for the freedom to never be blamed. They are always concerned with and governed by others.
The Sovereign holds his/her Power and does not fear the responsibility and spine such power requires. They always govern themselves.
When you understand this you then make it your BUSINESS to learn how to choose WELL.
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