Ladies you attract men based on your OWN Character and a reflection of your Values.
Women in Victim attract men who also feel like victims. Women in child attract men who are also unwilling to take responsibility. Women who self sabotage attract men who also self sabotage.
This part is obvious. There is another form this takes however that is often NOT obvious.
Women who always see Villains around every corner attract men who have many excuses.
Chaotic women attract men without discipline.
Women who crave power attract men who care a GREAT DEAL about their image.
Emotionally fragile women attract men who are easily swayed.
Judgmental women attract men who aren’t interested in exploring new things.
Women who are controlling attract men without initiative or drive.
Why is this?
Because He carries the Pattern and she makes it into Matter.
So His pattern will select the woman that can make it matter- The way everything in Creation is magnetized towards what will fulfill it.
Men are repelled from that which can not birth what is His.
So Men AND Women- your level of attraction speaks to your inner state. When you fully align you’ll never worry about choosing the wrong one again. It won’t even enter your mind.
Any concern is based on knowing that there is some inCongruence between your inner being and the relationship you seek.
True it up and the rest is easy.
If you feel like you’re not attracting what you desire, look deeper- You’re attracting what you ARE.