Recently I wrote a post that received a lot of anger and hostility especially from members of a community we USED to belong to.

And they came for us … HARD.

Not only did they call themselves “outing” my husband and I – they also made some libelous claims about our profiting from that community. While we will allow our attorneys to deal with the libel –

We saw an AMAZING teaching moment here.

You see beloveds, closets are often places where you put things you’re ashamed of, things you don’t want others to see.  They are in many homes a place to tuck things away for the appearance of order.

We don’t have anything like that.

Yet, I realize that there are many people who follow us who don’t understand that level of freedom. Who live in fear of people finding out things about them. Who worry over rejection.

AND because we attract the most REVOLUTIONARY of Leaders, Teachers, Coaches, and those in Training to be such – you may be TERRIFIED that one day you will “lose” your audience, your friends, family or credibility because of what you say, who you are associated with or what someone says ABOUT you.

And so you stay small, hidden and fearful because of that.

Our CALLING is to be Exemplars which means we are EXAMPLES not merely Teachers  – our path is not the path of Aestheticism, Academia and Recitation but the path of EXPERIENCE.

In other words, We live it.

So let us show you how it’s done darling.

YEP – We were VERY involved in the BDSM and Leather Communities for DECADES.

YEP- We were honored to receive some of the most prominent awards and titles within that community for our Teachings on Power Dynamic Relationships and Sexuality.

YEP -We spent tens of thousands of dollars traveling to various conferences teaching on these things – and while our travel was covered sometimes – we were never paid a cent (hence the libel)

YEP – There are people who think we run a cult because our students and spiritual children are LOYAL as FVCK and will likely cut you for coming for us, and because we are both OUTSPOKEN and have SERIOUSLY Pristine BOUNDARIES.

NO – My teachings on submission by wives don’t come from that involvement – actually it’s the reverse – my spiritual and consciousness based journey of submission lead me to that community and eventually- as it does for many- caused us to simply pop out of the other side of it.

YEP-  If you want to understand BDSM, Power Exchange, and the Spiritual Journey it can offer –  there’s no one better to learn from   than people who LIVED it for DECADES

NO – We are no longer a part of that community. We “retired” about 2-3 years ago after pulling back for a few years. Why? Because it no longer FIT who we are and because we saw some radicalized behaviors that were disturbing.

Most of you are likely shrugging and going… “SO WHAT!?”

Because  – most of our students KNEW/KNOW THIS.

Heck we have a class on BDSM  within our body of work.

Heres whats fascinating, people within that community were hoping to SHAME us by using THEIR Community as a negative against us. Which speaks to a level of self loathing that is breathtaking.

What they didn’t know is this:

We have nothing to Hide

Nothing to Defend

Nothing to Protect

And Nothing to Prove.

Our life has no closets – just boundaries.

A Boundary is a line that displays the space between YOU and ME.

This is where I end and you begin.

IT defines what is lawful occupation, movement and what is trespassing.

We have PRISTINE and Clear BOUNDARIES – as should YOU.

We speak the TRUTH as we’ve received it – so should YOU.

We live without apology- so should YOU.

Be warned though, this can elicit RAGE in some.

Especially people who themselves struggle with boundaries and crowdsource their selfhood.

They are bound and they hate to see YOU FREE.

When you decide to STAND for what you believe in and to do The Great Work in a way that is contrary to the established norms you are GOING to be attacked.

It happens.

Don’t worry though darling, you are built for this.

AND the UNIVERSE will show you the length, breadth and POTENCY of how powerful you ACTUALLY ARE  – sometimes through people spending hours and days talking trash about you… and YOU don’t even know their names.

This is the living breathing process of Alchemy happening in front of your very eyes beloved.

When they give you LEAD you give to the world-  GOLD.

Supra. Omnia. Amate.

~The Infinite Couple