This statement from the lips of any student or would be student is fascinating.

Born of distrust for Authority, Lack of Power and fear of change it sounds like a virtue but holds a fundamental flaw.

“I just want to make sure that I’m still me”

Yet you seek Transformation.

The first step is to quantify “me”

Who is this me that you speak of?

Is it your personality?

Your beliefs?

The opinions you hold?

Is “me” the thoughts you think?

The way you walk and dress and talk?

The friendships you hold dear?

Do you believe your SELF to be infinite?

And if you do… how can the infinite truly be lost?

Are you not then simply playing with various aspects of your YOUness at any given time

Like children submerged in a radical game of dress up?

And knowing you are infinite… when you seek Transformation what is it exactly that draws you?

It is the longing to remove the barriers and limitations that you have placed upon yourself.

Yet you fear doing this at the same time…

For one held in a tiny cell expansion outside of it can feel like hell.

When you step into INFINITUM VITAE- – or any of our spheres it is not about changing you beloved… it is so that you will learn and grow.

And the more of the former things that you insist upon holding onto, the more you cling and build barriers you are not protecting YOU for your BEING needs no protection. You are simply building a stronger prison with your OWN HANDS.

Concretizing your own mind into a sort of supernatural Alzheimer’s of partial dreams and days gone past with no present moment.

Instead of worrying over what you fear to lose as you move into Higher and more Vast dimensions of Self, become enamored with the YOU you have forgotten or perhaps not yet met… and be willing to Grow by letting go.