Courtship Masterclass!

You asked and we heard you! On Sunday, March 26, is the Long Awaited Courtship Masterclass!! With a Divorce rate over 50% just “letting it happen” no longer works.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, you can have a step by step process to Date with Intention and Court for Marriage. This includes direct guidance from Richard Moore for men on How To Court a Woman!!

Some topics:
* When is sex appropriate? Is it part of courtship at all?
* Learn what you should know about your prospective mate…before you commit.
* How should SOFT women govern themselves in courtship juxtaposed to “THE RULES”?
* Learn how to let a Man know that you are interested in a feminine way after he has shown interest
* Introverted? we reveal 7 ways that being an introvert actually gives you the advantage in dating and courtship with intention!!!
* Discover The Way To Talk To Him That Will Instantly Establish You as Unique and Precious and Set You Apart From Any Women He’s Ever Known!!
* Learn to decipher the hidden courtship messages that others often miss

This is so much succulence loves and promises to be worth its weight in PLATINUM! This is a MASTERCLASS so bring snacks because it will be long…LOL and of course those who purchase WILL get the replay and anything extra we decide to throw in there.

Join us on Sunday darlings!