SOFT and School of Alchemy Forever Access – Last Chance!

Okay, my loves we’re in the last week to get SOFT™ (School of Feminine Transformation) and SOA (School of Alchemy) Forever access for the lowest price it will ever be.

Why do you want this? Because you will pay once (or you can break it into four payments) and will have access FOREVER! That means you can take a break darling, for six months or even a year and return to even more amazing teaching, coaching, transmission and mentoring! Learn more:

The Teachers:
We have a combined 60+ years in Spiritual Leadership, a Happy Healthy Marriage, eight children and own multiple businesses. We’ve learned from the best, leaving corporate jobs to create our own businesses without stress and while maintaining internal congruence and dynamic relationship polarity. We are fluent in over a dozen healing modalities as well as metaphysics and alchemy. It comes down to this my loves…We walk our talk. Our experience, training and life way is in coherence with the tools, techniques, and processes we teach and the frequency we transmit on. Femininity and Masculinity working as complements is possible and HAPPENING… Just ask our students.

The work:

We are called to help you heal your relationship with:
Your core (yourself)
Your kind (your own essence as masculine or feminine)
Your compliment (your partner of the polarized essence from you)
Your creator (The Divine intelligence that both resides within you and exists in all things)

Through this deep soul healing and practical living, your LIFE is transformed on every level.

Learn more:

What do you get:
Okay okay… You are wondering my love…What’s in it?
* The SOFT Feminine Business School
* The SOFT Wife School
* The SOFT Mothering School
* The SOFT Body School
* The SOFT Know Thyself School
* The SOFT School of the Feminine Spirit
* Monthly classes and coaching added
* Four Feminine Incubators – Mastermind Groups to support you
* E Zine Archive
* Bonus sessions

School of Alchemy:
* Mystery School
* Business Alchemy School
* Life Alchemy School
* Monthly Group Coaching
* 15% Discount in Desired Thingz
* Affiliate Status

This membership will replace anything else you could buy and many things you can’t afford. But hurry, when March ends so does this price. You’ve been asking the Universe for Teachers, you’ve been seeking your tribe…
The answer has come, my love 💘

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