Periodically we get called a cult. In fact there are people in the world who have written entire blog series about the cult of us.

This was confounding to me because at one time I was a teacher in the Christian Counter cult movement, and I knew we didn’t meet the definition.

Then I realized that at some point the definition of cult had changed.

Cult USED TO mean: practice of religious veneration and the religious system based around such veneration.

Now it means: a social group with ‘socially deviant’ beliefs and practices, a term to demonize a movement that is controversial. It is considered a threat to mainstream society

Initially- I couldn’t see why ANY ONE would perceive our work as a threat.

We teach LOVE OVER EVERYTHING after all.

But then Lorna Johnson said something that I had not considered.

She said- EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR WORK is the most RADICAL NEWEST SPACE of Consciousness I’ve seen in a LONG TIME. I thought the eradication of Victim Consciousness was IT… but this DYAD? This is the REQUIREMENT for Evolving Consciousness…

It utterly BREAKS the SOCIAL CONTRACT. It makes it OBSOLETE.

Suddenly there was a HUGE download to my system of WHY someone would call us a cult.

Why we are not for the timid, the weak, those engaged in victim consciousness and those into people pleasing.

Why we are so HATED by those who have made it their LITERAL BUSINESS to further a narrative of DIVISION between men and women… with men as the villains and women as perpetual victims. And of course THEY are the heroes.

Because the Dyad?

It gives you something so radical.

So dangerous.

So utterly FEARED…

ABSOLUTE FREEDOM to do whatever the **EFF** you WANT.

All guided through and Amplified as the Values and the Character of your DYAD… not SOCIETY.

And we TRANSMIT these Codes and Praxis of the Codes through them revolutionary method of DIVINE ECOLOGY ™️

Divine Ecology is our term for a life that WORKS TOGETHER and for methodologies, teachings and understandings that infinitely and universally adaptable to every aspect of your life.

Unlike EVERYTHING else you’ve come in contact with everything we teach intersects and interlocks with everything else- the business teachings interlock with the marriage teachings which interlock with the parenting which interlock with the Mysticism. It’s EXQUISITELY intelligent, INFINITELY available for your life, exhaustive in its application and INCREDIBLY… MAGICALLY…


And this TOO is why it is feared.

Because the current construct is based on COMPARTMENTALIZATIONS.

Everything must stay in its bubble.

Nothing can touch anything else (think about how much EMPHASIS is placed on not touching right now how pervasive that is- from foods not touch, to cultures, to men and women, parents, ideas…)

You need a different doctor for every area of your body

A different tool for every single function

A different teacher, school, modality for every idea

All of which uses up your time energy and resources hopping from thing to thing.

Arguing ideologies instead of Harmonizing your Habits.

Becoming a MASTER at tools instead of MASTERING YOUR LIFE.

And HOW DARE WE be so PRESUMPTUOUS to say THIS will serve your ENTIRE LIFE making other things OBSOLETE.

Offering this RADICALLY NOVEL way of being to Humans makes us VERY DANGEROUS to the status quo.

Because when you REALLY LIVE IT you have no hooks

for others to control you.

For anxiety



No constantly trying to prove your worth through your business

No constantly seeking…

You live as Creators.

You program reality instead of being a prop in someone else’s game.

So welcome to the Infinite Couple Cult- don’t worry about drinking Kool Aid- We only serve Champagne 😉