I often speak about the distortions in the Feminist movement, gender studies programs and the ideology of everyone having both genders which of course leads to the belief that Gender is a spectrum.

Now it is time to speak to another distortion.

The idealized Masculine or Feminine prop.

This “idol” paints the Masculine and men as 2 dimensional static beings held in women’s minds.

He doesn’t cry.

He doesn’t feel.

He doesn’t change.

He doesn’t evolve

But men do change.

All the time.

And the worse thing a woman can do is believe they don’t. Because of the errors she will make as a result. Which is ANTI Dyadic.

There’s an invitation to His change

And that which stifles it…

Her need for safety

Her need for security

Her need to know what to expect

Her need to keep the house and children in a nice neat bubble.

Her need to turn her attention towards other things trapping him in amber

Which is where this belief that men don’t change comes from.

The Stifled Masculine.

This is an old Paradigm still in effect and only the very curious and non egoic can truly receive what is newly arising.

Everyone else will simply try to navigate through their current Paradigm thereby causing these codes to leave them entirely. Which is fascinating to observe.

The more projection the more they dissolve from your field…or rather drop you out of theirs.