The Cure For Pain Is Always PRESENT.

I have had the privilege of meeting, engaging with and ministering to the most amazing people my loves- one thing stands out…

The cure for pain is always PRESENT.

It is not in some future when- when whatever global, societal or communal policies are in place that you see missing. It is not when the world comes to consciousness, nirvana or awakening. It is not when THOSE people stop doing THAT thing, or when THESE people begin doing THIS thing.

It is not in the past- in the sleepy rose-hued glasses of yesterday, in the grieving in regret over past lessons, and resentment over what was or wasn’t done by parents, teachers, leaders or self. It is not in the processing and deep digging trying to find the tiniest fragment of where you THINK the pain began my love.


It is always… all ways…. HERE. Right now, beloved. In this still and sacred moment. In this chaotic and holy life. In this imperfect and hungry longing for communion of the soul which is, in fact, the lasting need to come HOME.

In this space is your constant cure. Your soothing balm, your potent medicine.

It is now…aching for you touch it and be FILLED.

And when you do, and you are…the ripples touch infinity.