Dating tip: Chemistry

Don’t mistake chemistry for a sign.
Chemistry doesn’t make that person the one, LACK of Chemistry doesn’t mean they AREN’T the one.
Attraction≠chemistry they are different.
Many modern women while SAYING they desire a relationship that is NOT based on the physical only mean they want a Man that isn’t focusing on the physical- while she however focuses totally on chemistry as the reason why this is a good match.
The more she bonds that chemistry with action the more certain she becomes that this person is the One.
The more she detaches via judgement from the person with whom she doesn’t have immediate chemistry the more certain she becomes he is NOT the One.
This is why highly intelligent spiritual women continue to choose the wrong men. They simply can’t see where they are focusing on the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.
PS- Don’t have instant chemistry? It can be DEVELOPED and there is a way to know if you possess the ability to develop it with this person.