How Feminism Harms Women

“I look back on where I failed
And in every place I checked
The only common thread has been your disrespect”
-Hamilton the Musical
I have spent the past 15 years in deep research (not cursory perusal) of the effects of Feminism on the Modern Western Woman.
What I have found over and over and over again is every place where women feel or perceive failure it is because the feminist virus has inserted within her psyche a disrespect for the distinctions between men and women.
Such mindset also creates a perception of disrespect whenever a distinction IS in place.
In short women have been taught to both disrespect the difference and feel disrespected BY the difference.
The issue with this is the attempt to make all that relates to women “normalized” to begin with.
I recall my Grandmere back in the 70s saying that “women’s lib” (as it was called then) was taking away all that was mystical and beautiful about being a woman and making it common. Which is UNHEALTHY for women.
Normal is at it’s core COMMON
Yet Health is at it’s core- Sacred
Which means set apart.
When we erode the differences between men and women we deny women of womanhood which IS Sacred and offer them the poor substitute of a neutered “personhood” devoid of anything remarkable.
There is a quiet trend to do this. To take away all marks of Womanhood to remove them from market, conversation and identity and to convince women this is “good”.
So antithetical is this to the True Nature of Women that all that is within us screams in abject horror and and expresses in objection to it. Our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits all scream and act out in rebellion to this way of being that is consistently and pervasively paraded and preached as being “empowering”.
Its the very opposite of empowering.
Its exhausting.
Its frustating.
Its harmful to our relationships with men in general, and with our beloveds specifically.
It causes us to do harm to our sons and daughters unknowingly
Yet it’s supposed to empower us.
And so we attempt to silence this inner rebellion against the Narrative with drugs, stimulants and depressants, with self righteous aggrandizement featuring our “rightness” via eco-consciousness, alternative health, emotional and mental “work” and spiritual insight.
All of which simply numbs us to truth.
Keeps us on the treadmill seeking something ANYTHING that will highlight and allow us to feel SPECIAL… UNIQUE.
Not realizing that we held the Uniqueness within us written on the strands of our DNA and inhabiting the over 6000 genetic distinctions we were BORN WITH that make us different from MEN.
We cannot expect anyone to celebrate our differences if we remain indifferent, or antagonistic to those differences, in our thoughts and in our actions.
The deeper I have dug beyond the narrative of “This is a support for women” the more I have found that these twisted ideologies have on the contrary, deeply wounded women. For to turn women against men as oppressors who will seek to do harm UNLESS we push against them is to undermine the very essence of our nature.
Our nature is to love.
Our longing to be special and unique is natural. And we are both. Yet our potency which is required so that we reach our potentiality requires that women must stop swallowing the current socio-political narrative that seeks to divide and conquer us by painting men as natural predators of and therefore enemies to women.
It is simply isnt true.
Here’s five things you can begin doing today to move forward as a potent avatar of female power;
1. Quit ‘thinking good thoughts’ internally while being externally inert and inactive…and therefore unseen.
2. Reject neutered person-hood… Respect the sanctity of Womanhood through the amplification of your voice and your impact by showing up in every area of your life as being un-usual, different…special.
3. Show up in your sacred circles of influence as a woman unafraid to affirm that men and women need each other…even if your voice shakes the first time you do it.
4. Embrace the affirmation that awaits you…by committing to living a life worthy of affirming, worthy of notice.
5. Let your words and your actions be evidence of your personal truth – that the future must belong to “US”- men and women working, living and loving together.