We sat at dinner with friends the meal was delicious and enjoyable. A Trip was being planned and another friend wanted to invite someone
“Are they a _____ supporter?” someone at the table asked.
I looked up, surprised… “Why would that matter?”
“I just wouldn’t want to bring any _____ supporters on the trip with us”
I sat in the midst of a group of women all gathered to attend a workshop by a renowned author. At some point in a breakout session we began to share based on an exercise provided by the facilitator.
I spoke about what I did for a living and one woman in our group mentioned that she absolutely HATED people who held specific views. She laughingly said “maybe you could help me see it differently”
Later she stood up and said how much she believed that everyone was worthy of respect and should be treated well and able to express how they feel- I asked her “What about those people? ( mentioning the ones she hated)”
She started and looked me dead in the eye “Oh no, not them”
This is how cancellation works for the average person. It’s not a mob of angry people storming the castle with pitch forks.
It’s the myriad of silences you feel you MUST maintain to keep the peace with your friends, family, colleagues and community.
It’s the ways you are careful to avoid being accused of:
Domestic Terrorism
Tone Deafness
Victim Blaming
Not Conscious or Evolved
It’s the attacks you fear:
For asking a question
Stating an opinion
Being different.
It’s all of the expression you’ve eaten.
Stuffed deep down in the corner of your psyche.
The TRUTH of YOU, you dare not SPEAK.
You’re inspired by those who speak Uncommon Truth in Courageous ways. You say “I could never do that” although you WISH you could.
You can always find a reason not to- it’ll cost you your job, your spouse won’t like it, what about your children? But deep inside you know it’s hollow.
You’ve told yourself that this is the high road, a sign of your maturity, what’s best for your brand, all of the things you say that have begun to feel- FALSE.
And behind it all you feel like some very IMPORTANT aspect of you is SUFFOCATING
Not 20, or 40.
To become so FULL of Truth ready to express that you are set AFLAME.
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