I arrived in the room early, creating the space.
A Sacred space where I could teach women the art of magnetism.
The art of allure and touch.
When I went in and closed the room door the chaos of the conference faded.
This work- showing Women how to access Seductive Surrender was Sacred and Sensitive.
I ensured it read in the description “Ladies only”
As we prepared to begin I saw a few male partners milling about
“Gentlemen thank you for entrusting me with your women, I will now ask you to leave and I promise she’s in good hands”
They laughed and Baba stepped away, talking to them on the way out.
The class went splendidly and watching the women bloom was profound.
Midway through the door opened and I turned around to welcome a late comer.
“Oh! Sir this class is for women only”
He scowled and left.
We continued.
At the end I stood at the front of the classroom as a line of participants formed to say a few words. Baba Richard Moore returned and stood to my right a few steps away.
As the last woman approached me I saw the “annoyed” man from earlier approach Baba loudly.
“I tried to attend this class earlier and she wouldn’t let me in”
I glanced over then returned to listening to the woman in front of me.
I heard Baba say “Well that’s because the class is for women”
I didn’t hear the rest as I finished up my conversation. When it was done I stepped over to where Baba and the man were speaking
Him: “I just don’t understand this… this conference is supposed to be inclusive!”
Baba: “That doesn’t mean everything is for every body, there are spaces here specifically for gay men where My Namaste wouldn’t be welcome”
Him: “How do you know I’m not a woman… it’s not right.. I’m going to speak to the conference organizers about this”
Baba: “Feel free to do that”
In this situation I felt the invitation.
The invitation to just collapse.
The invitation to just go along.
The invitation to fear.
In a flash a number of questions popped up:
What if the conference organizers felt I did something wrong?
What if they called me out for it?
What if that person disrupted the Keynote I was to do later during the conference?
So much Uncertainty.
I looked at my Beloved and He squeezed my hand “it’s fine… let them do whatever they feel they need to do and whatever happens…happens”
And in my Womb- PEACE.
Knowing who YOU are here to serve.
The Truth YOU are here to speak
The Opinions YOU hold dear
The Perspectives YOU offer
And the causes you are here to champion also clarifies
What is NOT yours to do.
And knowing who you are NOT creates the difference the world needs.
There is nothing that dilutes the potency of YOU more than trying to appease EVERYONE.
Even when that appeasement is born of compassion
Or a desire to be SEEN as inclusive and sensitive.
If I had let that man in:
It would have been a distraction.
I would NOT have served the women I was there to serve.
I’m sure he would have been a disruptive presence in the course
It would have required me to teach a completely DIFFERENT class in order to accommodate him.
A class that was NOT mine.
And this is what true Diversity is.
It is allowing and celebrating those differences. Recognizing the spaces where those Differences don’t Matter, and where they DO.
It is knowing the spaces where you want those experiences to take center stage and where you do not.
It is about knowing it is perfectly fine for that not to be your work to do.
Your message to carry.
And that you are still a good person.
100 Proof is about more than keeping your business from cancellation.
It’s about giving you your Voice back.
Giving you the RIGHT to be truly Sovereign in your LIFE.
Giving you the Freedom to NOT stand for every cause, every Narrative and every ideology.
It’s about taking you from being a Leaf in the Wind
To being a Tree-
Deeply Rooted and Rising.
Reach out to InfiniteLife Team to join us.