Dyadic Diamond Codes

Recently we began channeling and what came through is….
My mind is BLOWN…
Dyadic Diamond Codes have landed and they are WILD.
And precise.
Master Baba Richard Moore began streaming Masculine Truth that blew the doors off the collective psyche and I saw the reordering.
Tonight in the Society we are revealing the next level as well as a practice we’ve never offered before that creates the opening for TRUE Penetration by the Masculine…one of the requirements for the Weaving Together.
NO, this isn’t yet another energy practice or ritual.
Because lets be honest those don’t translate into REAL lived partnership.
This is FAR MORE than that…and it is a practice that literally opens her and strengthens Him.
Reach out to InfiniteLife Team to join the Society (available for men and women) and receive this Transmission tonight LIVE.
Supra. Omnia. Amate.
-Sri Namaste Moore
PS- BTW beloved – Remember how I mentioned that there were two weeks left in this month and to be PRESENT now instead of trying to jump start 2022?
THIS is why you don’t check out of the now while planning for the future.
Because you’ll miss the portals that yet remain in THIS present.