It is the Changing Time.
The time of letting go and clearing space.
Your body is not only the suit you inhabit to walk this earthly space but a finely tuned instrument created to let you see what is going on with you.
Because human have need of an energetic actuator and the body serves as this.
This is not new.
What is NEW is the Amplification of the bodies Conversation and Readings being felt and experienced in a way that is not deniable.
The Body going Quantum.
Which means the VOICE of your body which is operated as whisper is NOW amplified.
It is LOUD.
NOT to harm you but So you can hear it.
It is not judgement
It is not a flaw
It is not punishment
You did no thing wrong.
It is simply that the body is a part of your alignment system and is showing you, guiding you to your next action utilizing EVERY thing at it’s disposal.
There is no DisEase… on Dialogue
There is no Dis Order – only De Construction for Reconstruction
All serves as the Voice of the body.
Without judgement save the judgement YOU are in.
Which also points you to the space of movement that is being requested for realignment.
It is The Body Oracle.
If Fibroids are active – your body is saying it is time to release old projects, passions and creations. The season is over.
And yet again for some your body is saying it is time for you to ACT on these creations as you have not.
If weight is being carried – your body is telling you that you have more energy than you think. It is time to USE IT instead of storing it up.
And yet again for some your body is saying what is yours to do REQUIRES you to have extra reserves in this season
If you have breast issues- Your being is requesting that you nourish and nurture YOU, and remove the distortions that make that OPTIONAL instead of IMPERATIVE
and yet again for some of you it is time for you to NOURISH others. You are HEAVY with food to feed to the masses yet you refuse.
The Changing Time is here.
Be willing to do unusual things.
Get rid of whatever is concretized in you in terms of what you “do” to heal, to nourish to “be healthy”
LISTEN to your BODY instead of projecting the philosophies of health INTO the body.
Your body is CUSTOM to YOU it’s response is SPECIFIC to your energetic frequency.
What provides health for others will starve you.
What causes anothers system to communicate via what you have called “disease” your body will THRIVE on.
You can ONLY learn your body by LISTENING to it.
Yesterdays communication may not inform in what is being communicated today.
The Orange that was a YES yesterday may be no a today
The steak that was a NO yesterday may in fact be a YES today.
You can not HEAR the body through the ears of your own judgement beloved. Nor your fear.
Ex; This IS a Twinkie.
It is not good.
It is not Bad.
It simply IS.
When you have absolutely NO charge one way or another you will be able to HEAR what YOUR body is saying is fuel.
Stop judging the body based on the fuel.
Stop judging the fuel as well.
Stop judging.
Many things are being dissolved.
All identification BEYOND your essence is being dissolved.
Earth is not your Home
Your degree of melanin is not your Experience
Your religion and ritual is not your Connection to Source
Your eschewing all in this earth plane is not your Virtue
Your money is not your Worth
Your gift is not your Value
We are being dissolved to the Essence of our Being which is in fact our Polarity …in order to build anew.
It is happening as a Collective YET it is happening WITHIN the Individuation. Stop looking for the collective to reflect the truth of this. As you Embody it – the rest will catch up.
If you have ears to hear YOU have chosen to be one of those who serve as the ANCHOR points for this new weaving.
-Sri Namaste Moore