A Person Who Refuses To Elevate To Where You Are, Will Seek To Pull You Down To Where They Are.
People Who Are Content To Be Common, Will Also Seek To Erode All That Is Extraordinary Within You.
We say this not so you will hold them in contempt, nor see them as your enemy- but so that you will NOT place such people on your council.
We also say this so that you can be very clear in your frequency and tone about who you are here to serve and who you are not here to serve.
You will decline the invitation to allow those who are not your people to determine what you do and what you do not do.
You will cease to give them operating rights to manage you or make their world alive through you.
In fact you will only then become absolutely your Own.
Which is the first step into the Dyad…For you can not become one with the Beloved when you do not yet belong to Yourself.