I am an anomaly amongst seven figure coaches. You see most coaches at this level no longer “walk among the people” so to speak. They hire teams and agencies so they don’t have to work “in” their business anymore.
My Husband – Baba Richard and I chose another route – at least at this point. Yes we have the teams and the agencies, we have the systems and the software. We can afford to not see or know much of what comes up in our business. In fact we get asked all the time to teach a course in how we do all we do (it is coming)
Because we’re a Dyad…we CHOOSE to also step INTO our business periodically. From time to time we respond to the questions people ask in our pages. We do customer service. We read the emails. We join free and low cost groups to see what people are talking about.
We purchase offers for market research.
This gives us a 360° view which enables us to serve more deeply. Yet we are also INTENTIONALLY invisible when doing this.
Because of this we observe with many eyes and hear with many ears the concerns and struggles of both Coaches/Mentors and Clients/Students.
We have watched…
We hear people say they want to work with a particular coach but it costs too much. We watch them write about how they feel that coaches are just trying to get rich off of them and maybe it’s all inside of them anyway because the cost is too high.
We hear coaches say “Many people reach out to me but then they say they can’t afford it ” or”they want the answers I have but they aren’t ready to pay for it”
And strangely the answer is the same for both coach and mentor, client and student.
Here’s the Truth – The reason it costs too much is because the you that you want to be, the life that you want to live, the leadership you seek to create, the legacy you want to leave, the luxury you require as the fullest expression of your being is not common and costs EVERYTHING.
That’s the cost.
You are overwhelmed confused exhausted and stagnant because you continue to attempt to hold on to all you HAVE instead of selling it ALL to get the Pearl of what you COULD be.
So it seems to cost too much for you.
Everything has two costs- if you are unwilling to pay the first cost, you most definitely are not ready to pay the second cost. The first cost is Money, the second is the Work.
And yet by not paying either cost you will definitely pay the price.
The price of staying where you are
Keeping your standards low
Checking for affordability as a client or as a coach – as if you aren’t priceless.
If it seems like it costs too much it is because your greatness costs everything and you are still attempting to straddle the fence.
Which offers you nothing except the safety of your own back yard and a friction burn.
You see this isn’t about The Coach you Choose or the Clients you Serve.
This is about the boats you need to burn
The Soddom you need to turn your face away from
The kingdom you need to eschew in favor of the higher things.
The things that are the expression of the truth of your being.
This is about your willingness to be an icon, which is the image, example, and expression of divinity in this earth realm that you are here to be in individuated form.
This is about your assuming dominion.
The spheres of influence that have been entrusted to you.
It costs
it costs to be royalty.
It costs to be a leader
it costs to stand out
it costs to be great.
It costs to walk in your divinity
sovereignty costs.
So this is your reminder and for some it will be your final one from us .
It’s not time for a next step.
It’s time for the leap.
(if you’re a coach this is for you twice ..Read it once from the position as a client and the second from your position as a coach…it lands differently)