Find Soft Soil for Your Roots

It is important my loves to not confuse the indicators and practices of survival with virtue and thriving.

There are many habits, patterns, worldviews and behaviors that are being normalized as Evolved and Progressive that are actually mutations based on starvation, malnutrition, and pain.

When I moved to Texas I saw a plant. It looked a little familiar but the leaves were misshapen and the flowers small and tight. It did not resemble my Beloved dandelion that I recalled from playing in my grandmeres yard in Long Island, New York. Those dandelions were big and fluffy and worthy of the name. These… looked angry…hardened…painful. I was not surprised to learn in my classes to be a Master Gardener, that various environmental factors can change a plant in this way.

I felt it in my communion with the plant… Yes, it survived…and that in and of itself was worthy of respect…

Yet I loved to plant it’s wispy seeds in soft and welcoming ground so that it might know again its own tenderness.

Knowing how to “do without” is not a commendable award to hold on to…but a state of being to be healed.

May your roots find soft soil for your soul.
May you remember again how to bloom and be tender.

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In Love,


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