Getting Ready is a good Way to MISS OUT

If you’re a woman When is the BEST time to start the Dating for Marriage Journey? NOW.
Why? Because now Is all you have.
When I started dating:
I was living with my brothers
Had no car
No license
Worked at a temp agency
My divorce was pending (I needed to wait a few more months to be finalized)
I had 4 young children
I had a LOT in my plate
And EVERY REASON to wait.
Get back to it
Get to it later.
Here’s why I didn’t.
Love Over Everything.
I came to the earth KNOWING that THIS- Union- was the MOST important thing.
That nothing is more of a priority
And that it *is* the truth of seeking the Kingdom.
I often wish I could IMPART this Truth I’ve been given. Now I can – reach out to InfiniteLife Team to join the Dating for Marriage Mentoring Now.