Are Women Business Owners Sexist?

The term “bro Marketing” is sexist.
And doesn’t take into account the things that Men do in sales and marketing WORK.
And don’t offend men.
Only women… because we’re emotionally driven and tend to be easily influenced.
It also contributes to the battle of the sexes and is a perfect example of misandrist programming.
Most females in Marketing don’t think about what they’re saying when using this term.They don’t mean to insult men and yet it is insulting.
There are dozens of ways of Marketing and we don’t need to use pejoratives.
It’s just different not worse.
Women tend to like to market differently AND quite honestly it isn’t BETTER and has just as many issues as so called “bro Marketing” they’re just DIFFERENT issues.
If the way Women market was called “sissy Marketing” or better yet “Sister Circle Marketing™️” by MEN we’d call it sexist out the chute.
And yes I just coined a new term for the emotionally messy pimping of women’s pain, tendency towards comparison and desire to connect, and succeed that’s wrapped in a big bow of “sister” energy that masquerades for Marketing in Women’s circles.
Sister Circle Marketing
You’re welcome